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How to turn your home into your sanctuary in 2020?




A new year is a great time to start fresh and focus on whats important. The home should be a sanctuary and the place where you feel the most at ease. 


So here are some tips to get more enjoyment out of your home which will set you on the right track for the new year.

This first weekend of the year is the perfect time to unwind and enjoy. A good way to have a good time without spending as much as going out is to create a meal and invite friends or family over to share it with.

If you're dreading the actual cooking part, rest easy, it doesn't have to be a chore. The weekends can be a great time to try out new recipes to create delicious meals at your own pace.

Part of making cooking more pleasurable is using the right tools. Having a proper knife can do wonders for your preparation and presentation. We love using the Japanese Kitchen Knife for its precision as well as making chopping so effortless. 

Baking and roasting is what I most enjoy about weekend cooking. Having good quality bakeware really increases the quality of whatever you make. For non-stick, evenly heated roasting or baking, the Carbon Steel Bakeware Set is your best friend. Also if you are entertaining and have to be in the kitchen for a portion of the evening, why not throw on a chic apron for the occasion? This Denim Adjustable Apron is a far cry from the 80's frilly aprons of my youth. You can stay stylish throughout the evening, even in the kitchen.

Another weekend treat is relaxing in the lounge room. A good lounge is essential for this. The Cosy Reclining Japanese Lounge Sofa is the perfect balance of style and comfort. Whilst we are on the subject you can enhance your couch-time experience by wrapping yourself in something soft and cuddly. The Cozy Mermaid Tail Blanket is made from beautiful knitted cotton and comes in a range of colours. Just grab a book and settle yourself in for hours of leisure time. 

If the weather is good, the garden is a great place to be in. Spend a lazy Sunday in your backyard without having to leave by using a Solar Travel Power Bank. You can binge on Podcasts all day outside without having to go back in to charge your device. For those without a backyard, bring the outdoors to your balcony or patio with plants. It is a known fact that plants sooth the soul. This Hydroponic Wood and Glass Minimalist Terrarium is one that is easy to take care of and looks great. 

When the sun goes down, some lights can bring an element of magic to your garden. This Garden LED Light Spinner will transform your backyard into one of dazzling light. It also has the benefit of being Solar charged which is a better choice for the environment.

We can all agree that the weekend goes by so fast. Make sure you invest in a good alarm for Monday morning, because if you're like me, you'll find it tough to wake up after a good weekend. The Wooden LED Alarm Clock is a stylish way to ensure you wake up on time. 


We hope that these ideas can set you on your way to finding that balance and harmony that comes from quality time in your home. A new year is a great way to remind ourselves of the importance of home in the busy world we live in.

That's it from us and wishing you all a fantastic weekend-in and a wonderful start to the New Year!


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